Walter Kendall Papers

Period  1953-1995
Total size   25 m.
Consultation Not restricted


Born in East Ham, London 1926, died 2003; managing editor of Voice of the Unions early 1960s; cofounder of the Institute of Workers' Control 1968; fellow of the Centre for Contemporary European Studies at Sussex University when he published The Revolutionary Movement in Britain 1900-1921. The Origins of British Communism 1969; supported in the mid 1970s the European 'Common Market' which was unusual within the Left spectrum; published The Labour Movement in Europe 1975; worked for many years on his still unpublished magnum opus 'The World Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Communist International 1898-1935'.


Correspondence and scrapbooks with articles in the New Dawn , Railway Review , Socialist Leader , Tribune , Voice of the Unions , Avanti , Critica Sociale , and other periodicals 1956-1995; Vanguard pamphlets 1953-1958; correspondence relating to the campaign for the release of Len Wincott from a Siberian Prison Camp 1955-1957; correspondence with and photocopies of Bruno Rizzi's pamphlets 1962-1964; papers presented by Kendall and other documents on the National Workers' Control Conferences held in the UK and other conferences on Workers' Control 1964-1984; documents on the Polish Solidarity Campaign 1980-1984.