Alexandre Martin Papers

Period  (1723-) 1823-1889
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Known as workman Albert; born in Bury, France 1815, died in Mello, France 1895; mechanic, radical; leader of the secret society Nouvelles Saisons in 1839; active in the uprisings of 1832, 1834 and 1839; editor of L' Atelier 1840; fought on the barricades in February 1848; first working class member in the Provisional Government of 1848; vice-president of the Commission du Luxembourg; imprisoned in Tours from 1848 until 1859 (general amnesty); returned to Paris; member of the Commission des Barricades in the 1870 Provisional Government.


Letters primarily written during his years in various prisons, 1849-1859, mainly to his wife and some to his relatives; to prison authorities and other officials; complaints and requests; correspondence with Louis Blanc, Armand Barbès, Fayaule and others; correspondence by his wife, Jenny Martin; `Acte d'Accusation contre Auguste Blanqui, Flotte, Martin dit Albert, Barbès et autres' 1849; official and personal documents; some of his poetry.