National Committee of 100. London Committee Archives

Period  1960-1967, 1974
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Founded in October 1960 in response to a call from Bertrand Russell and Michael Scott for a movement of non-violent resistance to nuclear war and to the manufacture and use of all weapons of mass extermination; the Committee of 100 organized marches against nuclear testing and demonstrations at the US and Soviet embassies in London and at the Polaris submarine base and US Air Force bases in Great Britain; in 1962 regional committees and area working groups were formed throughout Britain, their activities being coordinated by the National Office in London; autonomous sub-committees carried out specialised work for the Committee, such as the Legal Action Group, the Welfare Group, the 100 Book Club and the Schools for Non-violence; among its supporters were Edith Russell, John Osborne, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Cadogan and Ken Weller; from the mid 1960s the committee organized also actions against the war in Vietnam.


National Committee of 100: Agenda and minutes of national committee meetings with annexes 1960-1966; documents relating to the national conference `The Way Ahead' 1963; minutes of meetings of working groups and sub-committees 1962-1966 and documents on the demonstrations at Greenham Common US Air Force Base, the Aldermaston march and demonstrations against the Vietnam war 1962-1966; some circulars and leaflets on elections 1963. Agenda, minutes and correspondence from the National Committee of 100; documents concerning the local groups in London, Scotland and Hampstead, the Spies for Peace 1961-1963, the church demonstration in Brighton October 1966 and the subsequent trial 1966-1967; questionnaires for a survey of former Committee members 1965-1966. West Midlands Committee of 100: Some correspondence by Norman Burns and Bob Dearden 1961-1967; circulars, leaflets and clippings, mainly on the Vietnam war, disarmament and anti-recruitment campaigns 1961-1967; lists with addresses.

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