Rodolphe Prager Papers

Period  (1889-) 1921-1996
Total size   9.75 m.
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Rodolphe (Rudi) Prager was born in Berlin 1918; pseudonyms: A. Duret, Jung and Robert Leblond; Trotskyist militant and publicist; emigrated with his parents to Paris 1929; active in French socialist youth organizations 1931-1935; sympathized with the Trotskyist ideas of the Groupe Bolchevik-Léniniste of the Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière (SFIO); from 1936 member of the Central Committee of the Jeunesses Socialistes Révolutionnaires (JSR) but left the JSR in 1937 when he joined the Parti Communiste Internationaliste (PCI) of Pierre Frank and Raymond Molinier; member of the Central Committee of the PCI; cofounder of the Jeunesses Communistes Internationalistes (JCI); in 1938 member of the Parti Socialiste Ouvrier et Paysan (PSOP); in 1940 he founded the clandestine group La Seule Voie, later named the Comité Communiste Internationaliste (CCI); from 1943 member of the European Secretariat of the Fourth International on behalf of the CCI; from 1944 member of the newly established PCI and later of the Parti Socialiste Unifié (PSU), often in leading positions; expelled from the PSU in 1969; board member and vice-president of the Institut Léon Trotsky in Paris until 1978; author of `Congrès de la Quatrième Internationale', his opus magnum, and of numerous articles.


Manuscripts and typescripts of his four volume `Congrès de la Quatrième Internationale' 1979-1982, 1988 and n.d.; manuscripts, typescripts and notes concerning the first international conference and congresses of the Fourth International; collected documents (including photocopies) used for his publications, on the International Executive Committee, the International and European Secretariat and on committees of the Fourth International 1936-1969, 1979, 1988 and n.d.; on political parties and organizations in France, including the Ligue des Communistes-Internationalistes (Bolcheviks-Léninistes) (LCI-BL) 1930-1939, 1977 and n.d, the Section Française de l'Internationale Ouvrière (SFIO) 1934-1936, the Parti Communiste Internationaliste (PCI) 1936-1941, 1944-1966, the Parti Ouvrier Internationaliste (POI) 1936-1943 and the Comité Communiste Internationaliste (CCI) 1940-1944; on youth organizations in France including the Jeunesses Léninistes 1930-1934 and the Jeunesses Socialistes Révolutionnaires (JSR) 1946-1951; on Trotskyist parties and groups in other countries including the USA, Latin America, Indo China, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and many other countries 1930-1987; and documents of and concerning Lev Trotsky, Heinz Epe (pseudonym Walter Held), Pierre Frank, Manouchian, Raymond Molinier, Ignace Reiss, Lev Sedov, Natalija Sedova and others (1906-) 1921-1994 and n.d.; documents relating to his contributions to Jean Maitron's `Dictionnaire biographique du mouvement ouvrier français' 1929-1996.


The papers of Rodolphe Prager arrived in 1996 at the IISH . The greatest part consists of files used for his magnum opus in 4 volumes: Congrès de la Quatrième Internationale. These files contain many photocopies, completed with some originals, which he had obtained or collected during his lifelong involvement in Trotskyism. The arrangement of the documents relating to organizations took place as much as possible according to the structure of these organizations. Periodicals and pamphlets have been transferred to the library of the IISH, except those which are part of a file.
However, in the case of the original copies of the Bulletin Intérieur the decision has been taken to keep them in the files, because of their relationship with other documents and also because of annotations, sometimes written on them. Documents concerning persons have been arranged in mostly alphabetical series.
After their arrangement the papers have a size of 9.75 metres.

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