Élisée Reclus Papers

Period  1851, 1868-1905
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Born in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, France 1830, died in Torhout, Belgium 1905; anarchist and geographer; belonged to the inner circle of Bakunin's Alliance Internationale; took part in the Paris Commune and was imprisoned and banished; lived in exile in Switzerland; after 1894 professor at the Université Nouvelle in Ixelles, Brussels; became, after Peter Kropotkin, one of the most important international anarchist writers, connected with La Révolte and Les Temps Nouveaux; his publications include `La Nouvelle Géographie Universelle' and `L'Homme et la Terre'.


Letters from Elisée Reclus to Rodolphe Kahn 1877-1878, Jacques Mesnil (pseudonym of Jacques Dwelshauers) 1897, 1900, Clara Mesnil-Koettlitz 1895-1905 and some others; manuscripts by Reclus, including `Développement de la liberté dans le monde' 1851 and a biographical typescript on Reclus by Jacques Mesnil.