Hermann Schlüter Papers

Period  1876-1916
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Born in Elmshorn, Holstein 1851, died in New York 1919; editor, writer; lived in Chicago in 1873, probably participated in the unemployment agitation, and in the foundation of the Workers' Party of Illinois, involved in the foundation of its weekly Vorbote; secretary of the Chicago section of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA); returned to Dresden in 1876, editor of the local organs of the Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands (SAPD); arrested several times 1880-1883, finally he was expelled from Dresden; from 1883 in charge of the Schweizerischer Volksbuchhandlung in Hottingen/ Zurich; built up the party archive; his articles in the satirical Der rote Teufel prompted his exile in 1888, went via London to the USA in 1889; from the early 1890s editor of the New Yorker Volkszeitung, and historian of the (German-) American labour movement.


Diary 1893-1914; correspondence with Johann Ph. Becker 1883-1886, J.H.W. Dietz 1883-1908, Franz Mehring 1906-1915, Friedrich A. Sorge 1886-1904 and others; manuscripts on the socialist party and the German labour movement in the USA, etc.; notes concerning working conditions, eight hour movement and labour legislation in the USA, etc.; press clippings.

These papers were originally part of the historical party-archives of the SPD. The IISH acquired this collection from the SPD in exile in 1938 with financial support of the Centrale Arbeiders-Verzekerings- en Deposito-Bank (the Centrale). The collection, including the papers of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, August Bebel, Eduard Bernstein, and Wilhelm Liebknecht, was mentioned in the Annual Report of 1938 (p. 37-42). The contract was signed 19 May 1938.

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