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Period  (1946-) 1951-1989
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Successor of the Labour and Socialist International (LSI/SAI) 1923-1940, constituted at the Eighth International Socialist Conference in Frankfurt am Main in 1951; with the prospective member parties eager to ensure their autonomy it took six years of negotiations to found a new social democratic international; at first only an information bureau was established, the Socialist Information and Liaison Office (SILO) 1946-1947, later the Committee of the International Socialist Conferences (COMISCO) 1947-1951; the COMISCO changed into the Council of the SI in 1951, its subcommittee into the Bureau of the SI; its aim was to establish social justice within and between nations and to end all forms of oppression; its ideology is based on the principles of democratic socialism; the SI regularly sends missions to specific areas and countries; it is an important international social democratic forum, but its decisions are not binding for its members; beginning in 1976 the position of council chairman became more important when Willy Brandt held the post; its secretariat is in London.


Records of the SILO and the COMISCO 1946-1951 and of the SI from 1951. Documents relating to congresses 1951-1983; documents relating to meetings of the Council, including speeches by council members 1951-1973; correspondence by the council chairman Bruno Pitterman and by the vice-chairman 1964-1976; documents on Bureau meetings 1953-1983; records of the secretary-general 1953-1982, consisting of speeches by Albert Carthy and Bernt Carlsson 1953-1967, 1976-1979, 1981, (draft) reports 1969-1976 and files concerning Willy Brandt 1977-1982; general correspondence 1947-1977; records on staff and premises 1947-1979, 1982; statutes 1961-1982; documents on finance 1952-1982; circulars to member parties 1951-1988; correspondence with member parties in many countries 1946-1983 and with organizations, including the Comité Sportif International du Travail 1948-1983, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) 1957-1982, the International Council of Social Democratic Women (ICSDW) from 1978 Socialist International Women (SIW) 1947-1982, the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) 1947-1976, the Jewish Labor Bund 1948-1982, the United Nations (UN) and its associated organizations 1953-1982 and many others; records of committees, including the Committee on Local Government 1953-1960, the Socialist International Research Council (SIRC) 1970-1979 and the Disarmament Study Group 1978-1981; documents relating to the Economic Experts Conferences 1950-1969, the Party Leaders' Conferences 1961-1982; documents relating to the Asian Socialist Conference 1952-1961; press releases 1950, 1977-1982 and documents on publications, including correspondence concerning Socialist Affairs 1948-1977; files on communism, developing countries, human rights and various other subjects 1948-1982.

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