World Confederation of Labour Archives

Period  1925-1979
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In 1920 the International Federation of Christian Trade Unions (IFCTU) was established in The Hague as an alternative, initially primarily for Roman-Catholic workers, to the anticlerical approach of the European socialist and syndicalist trade unions; its programme was based on the encyclicals Rerum Novarum 1891 and Quadragesimo Anno 1931; the influence of protestant workers increased during the 1930s; dissolved in 1940 by fascist and Nazi suppression; reestablished in 1945; smallest of the three world trade union federations; no affiliation with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), because of the resistance of the latter's European member unions; changed its name into World Confederation of Labour (WCL) in 1968, because of its widening scope to Moslem and Buddhist members in Africa and Asia; headquartered in Brussels; its periodical organs are Flash, Labor, and Labor-Beroepsaktie.


Collection of mostly stencilled and printed documents on the IFCTU, the WCL and affiliated organizations, with some correspondence by B. Leyn, treasurer of the Internationale Vereinigung der Christlichen Gewerkschaften in der graphischen Industrie. Documents on the IFCTU 1925-1968 and the WCL 1968-1977: circulars, leaflets, reports, clippings and press releases; on organizations of various international Christian trade secretariats, including the metal, transport, factory and farm workers 1951-1973: circulars, reports and clippings; on the Evangelische Arbeiter-Internationale (International Federation of Workmen's Evangelical Associations) 1928-1953: circulars, leaflets, pamphlets, clippings and carbon copies; on the International Federation of Employees in Public Service (INFEDOP) and its European section, the EUROFEDOP 1966-1977: mostly printed material; correspondence by B. Leyn 1935-1940.

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