Jean Wintsch Papers

Period  1903-1914
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Born in Odessa 1880, died in Lausanne 1943; physician, anarchist; coeditor of Le Réveil/Il Risveglio Geneva, one of the founders of the Ferrer School in Lausanne and editor of its Bulletin 1913-1921; one of the signatories of the `Manifeste des Seize' in 1915 which estranged him from the Réveil group and most of the Swiss anarchists; one of the editors of La Libre Fédération 1915-1919, and with his wife, of the Bulletin russe Lausanne 1919-1920; contributed in the 1920s and 1930s mainly to Plus Loin and Jean Grave's Publications de `La Révolte' et `Temps Nouveaux'.


Letters from Peter Kropotkin relating to Le Réveil, to Wintsch 1912, Luigi Bertoni 1911-1914 and Georges Herzig 1903-1913; a letter from Vladimir Federoff-Zabrejneff to Herzig 1909.

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