Paris, mouvement mai-juin 1968 Collection

Period  C. 1967-1969
Total size   3.17 m.
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Started as a protest movement by the Parisian students on March 22nd, and was followed by a general strike for one day on May 13th, called by the trade unions in protest against the measures of repression towards the students; the next days a generalized wildcat strike ensued all over the country.


Collection of documents primarily concerning the May-June events in France in 1968, consisting of pamphlets and leaflets (printed, stencilled and several handwritten) some of them analyzing higher education and the political situation; documents issued by action and coordinating committees such as the Comité de Liaison Inter Facultés (CLIF) and the Comité de Liaison Etudiants Ouvriers-Paysans (CLEOP) and other organizations; press collections of both the 'official press' and of the many different left groups and parties.

Accrual Hepzibah Kousbroek (1954-2009): collection of stencilled and other documents on the Comité d' Action Lycéen of the Lycée Molière in Paris and covering committees, some letters, election pamphlets, press clippings and periodicals on Paris 1968 and the international hippie scene 1967-1969.

Accrual Erik van Luipen: four leaflets from Le Comité d'Initiative et de Coordination pour un mouvement Révolutionnaire (2x), la Commission de Enquête centre de la Sorbonne, Le Comité d'action du théâtre de l'Epée de Bois.