Eugen Relgis Papers

Period  (1912) 1927-1972 (1978)
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Pseudonym of Eugen Sigler; born in Iasi, Rumania 1895, died in Montevideo, Uruguay 1987; libertarian, pacifist and humanist writer, editor and poet; member of the War Resisters' International; editor of Cugetul liber (Free thought) 1928-1929 and Umanitarrismul 1929-1930; published `Wege zum Friede' with contributions of many famous writers and intellectuals in 1932 and travelled around Europe in order to establish a humanist international of intellectuals in 1930; friend of Romain Rolland; unable to spread his ideas in Rumania with the rise of fascism; emigrated to Montevideo in 1947; published many books and pamphlets with pacifist tendencies in several languages; candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Letters received from correspondents in various countries, mainly Italy, e.g. from Gaspare Mancuso 1962-1972 and some letters from Georg F. Nicolai 1929-1969; autobiographical note; bibliographies of his works in Rumanian, Spanish, French, German and Italian 1913-1968; typescripts (partly unpublished) and printed proofs of publications (e.g. on Romain Rolland) 1950, 1959, 1964, 1966-1969; proofs of Upton Sinclair's book `Personal Jesus' 1952; file of documents and letters concerning Henri-Léon Follin c. 1935-1951; file of letters relating to E. Relgis's book on Georg Nicolai c. 1948-1952, 1964-1969; file of letters from Pavel Dascalescu on the inquiry `Les voies qui mènent à la démolition des barrières entre les nations' 1947; printed copies of poems and some copies of pamphlets written by E. Relgis; copies of periodicals and press clippings with articles by E. Relgis and by Georg Nicolai; copies of `Quaderini degli amici di Eugen Relgis' 1964-1968; press clippings mainly concerning E. Relgis and his publications c. 1948-1967, 1978, Pierre Ramus 1956, 1966-1967, Edmondo Marcucci and Han Ryner (including some printed material) 1912, 1927-1938.

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