South Asian Oral History

Communist, Peasant and Labour Movements of Bangladesh and India

Interviews with leaders of the Communist, Peasant, Labour and Cultural Movements of Bangladesh and India (40 cassettes)

  1. Comrade Amal Sen (83), leader of the 'Tebhaga' peasant movement in Bengal, led by the Communist Party. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir in Dhaka on 16.5.97-23.5.97. Bengali. (GC8/166-172)
  2. Writer Mohashweta Devi, leader of the 'Adivasi'on bonded labour and tribal movements. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 16.12.96. Bengali. (GC8/164)
  3. Comrade Ila Mitra, leader of the Tebhaga and Nachol peasant uprisings, ex-MLA, leader of CPI. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 18.12.96. Bengali. (GC8/162-163)
  4. Comrade Ranesh Das Gupta (87), writer, journalist, former organizer of a pro-communist cultural movement of Bangladesh. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 15.7.97-29.7.97. Bengali. (GC8/209-216)
  5. Comrade Robi Niogi (89), leader of Tebhaga and the CPB. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Sherpur, Bangladesh, on 4.5.97. Bengali. (GC8/175-176)
  6. Comrade Mohadev Sanyal on labour and peasant movements in the 40s and 50s. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, on 7.5.97. Bengali. (GC8/173-174)
  7. Justice Debesh Bhattacharya (84) on communal problems, politics and society of Bengal. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Dhaka, on 21.4.97. Bengali. (GC8/195)
  8. Comrade Rejia Khatoon, ex-Congress and CPB leader on the women's movement. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, on 6.5.97. Bengali. (GC8/192)
  9. Comrade Kanak Mukherjee, leader of CPI (M), wife of late communist leader Saroj Mukerjee. . Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 11.4.97. Bengali. (GC8/193)
  10. Congress leader Monoranjan Dhar (96) on politics and society of Bengal and Bangladesh, Liberation War. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, on 5.5.97. Bengali. (GC8/194)
  11. Comrade Abani Lahiri (87) of the CPI, on the Tebhaga peasant uprising. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 2.2.99. Bengali. (GC8/221-222)
  12. Comrade Ramen Sen (90) ex MP, first C.C. member of the CPI, during the formation. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 29.10.98. Bengali. (GC8/217-218)
  13. Prof. Samar Guha (80), ex MP and General Secretary of the Forward Block and Proja Socialist Party. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 9.5.98. Bengali. (GC8/219-220)
  14. Niharendu Dutta Majumdar (93) of the Indian National Congress and Indian Labour Party, on the Anti-British Freedom Struggle. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Calcutta, on 27.1.98. Bengali. (GC8/227-228)
  15. Comrade Pannalal Das Gupta (96) of the RCPI, on the Anti-British Freedom Struggle and the Communist Movement of India. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Shantiniketon, West Bengal, on 17.1.98. Bengali. (GC8/225-226)
  16. Comrade Sharadindu Dastidar, former CPI leader, Revolutionary Communist League, on the Communist Movement of India and Bangladesh. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Chittagong, Bangladesh, on 8.7.99. Bengali. (GC8/223-224)
  17. Urdu poet Kaifi Ajmi on the pro-communist cultural movement (IPTA) of Bangladesh and India and the Bangladesh Liberation War, and Shawkat Kaifi, actress, former IPTA activist, and wife of Kaifi. Interviewed by Shahriar Kabir, in Mumbay, India, on 16.1.97. Urdu. (GC8/191)
  18. On Santhal Pot and songs on Netajee Subhas Bose, leader of the Freedom Struggle of India. Recorded by Shahriar Kabir in Barasat, West Bengal at a handicraft fair on 29.1.00 (GC8/229)
  19. Kamala Mukharjee, first woman member of CPI, on women's movement since colonial period; interviewed on 11.7.00 in Calcutta, India (GC8/329-330)
  20. Sudhi Pradhan on marxist cultural movement in India; interviewed on 19.10.97 in Calcutta, India (GC8/331-333)
  21. Ms. Shuhasini Das on Anti British women's movement in Sylhet and on Tea plantation labour movement; interviewed on 3.3.00 in Sylhet (GC8/335)
  22. Subhash Mukhapaddhya, revolutionary poet, on revolutionary cultural movement in 1940s; interviewed on 19.1.98 in Calcutta, India (GC8/337-338)
  23. Dr. Saifud-Dahar, trade unionist and former secretariat member CPB (M-L) and Communist Karmi Sangha; interviewed on 25.2.98 at Dhaka, Bangladesh (GC8/339-341)
  24. Major General (retd.) S.S. Uban on Bangladesh liberation war and secret training of Mujub Bahini; interviewed on 15.5.98 in Delhi, India (GC8/342)
  25. Annada Shankar Roy, famous writer, on Bangladesh liberation war of 1971; interviewed on 22.5.98 in Calcutta, India (GC8/343)
  26. Keshabchandra Samadjar on communist movement of Khulna, Bangladesh; interviewed on 20.3.99 in Satkhira, Khulna (GC8/345)
  27. Kalpataru Sen Gupta, founder of the communist movement in Chittagong; interviewed on 11.2.01 (GC8/346-347)
  28. Kamalapati Roy of CPI on trade union movement of India; interviewed on 27.10.98 in Calcutta, India (GC8/349)
  29. Mrs. Phoolrenu Guha of Indian Labour Party and Indian National Congress on Anti British struggle and Bangladesh war; interviewed on 21.1.98 in Calcutta, India (2 tapes) (GC8/350-351)
  30. Bangeswar Roy, founder of Communist Party in Dhaka (daughter Tania Pal helped him during the interview); interviewed on 13.7.00 in Gouhati, Assam (GC8/352-353)
  31. Ajoy Bhattacharya on Nankar peasant uprising; interviewed on 20.7.98 in Dhaka, Bangladesh (GC8/354)
  32. Bidya Munshi, CPI leader, on student and women's movement; interviewed on 28.7.97 in Calcutta, India (GC8/355-356)
  33. Gobinda Aaldar on Bangladesh Liberation War (Interview in Calcutta, 02/11/1998) (BG GC8/672)
  34. Comrade Biplob Halim on his father Comrade Abdul Halim (1901-1966), founder of the CPI and also on the Naxalite Movement (Interview in Calcutta, 27/06/1999)(BG GC8/673)
  35. Comrade Punnyabrata Goon on the Trade Union Movement in Chahattisgarh of Madhya Pradesh, India. (25/04/1999)(BG GC8/675)
  36. Comrade Hirendranath Mukherjee on the Communist Movement of India (interviewed in Calcutta, 01/02/2000) (BG GC8/679-680)
  37. Prof. Salahuddin Ahmed on the Trade Union Movement & M.N. Roy (interviewed in Dhaka, 21/04/2000)(BG GC8/681-686)
  38. Prof. Kabir Chowdhury on his life and time (interview in Dhaka, 18/03/2000)(BG GC8/686-688)
  39. Comrade Abdul Motin on the Language Movement of Bangladesh and the Naxalite Movement (interviewed in Dhaka, 20/02/2000)(BG GC8/689-690)
  40. Mohini Mill Interviews (the first industry of Bangladesh, est. in 1908, closed down since 1990)
  41. - Comrade Sikandar Ali on Trade Union Movement of Kushtia (interviewed in Kushtia, 28/04/20000(BG GC8/691) - Comrade Brajen Biswas on Trade Union Movement of Kushtia (interviewed in Kushtia, 28/04/2000)(BG GC8/692) - Comrade Abdul Gafur on jobless workers of Mohini Mill (28/04/2000) - (BG GC8/693)
  42. Comrade Prashanta Sur of CPI(M), ex-Minister of West Bengal on the Refugee Problem (interviewed at Netajee Nagar, Calcutta, India, 29/10/1998) (BG GC8/695)
  43. Comrade Niren Ghosh, President of CITU West bengal State Committee on Trade Union Movement of India (interviewed in Calcutta, 05/05/1999) (BG GC8/697)
  44. Comrade Asok Ghosh, General-Secretary Forward Block West Bengal, India (interviewed in Calcutta, 22/05/1998) (BG GC8/698)
  45. CPB leader comrade Jasim Mondol, veteran trade union leader of North Bengal (Dhaka, 01/02/2005)(GC8/981-983)
  46. Comrade Borun Roy, former MLA (of 1954) (Sunamganj, 29/04/2006)(GC8/984-985)
  47. Comrade Hena Das of the CPB, youngest sister of veteran communist leader Barin Dutta (Salam Bhai) (Dhaka, 20/05/2005)(GC8/986-987)
  48. Freedom fighter Jyotish Mojumdar of Anushilan (Kolkata, 04/02/2004)(GC8/988)
  49. Harkishan Singh Surjeet, General-secretary of CPI (M), founder of Communist Party in Punjab, former President of All India Kisan Sabha (New Delhi, 23-25/05/2006)(GC8/989)
  50. Mr. I.K. Gujral, former Prime Minister of India, started politics in the Communist Party of Punjab (New Delhi, 25/05/2006)(GC8/990)
  51. Comrade Rameshchandra, Honorary President of the World Peace Council (WPC), General-secretary of WPC since 1967. (New Delhi, 21/05/2006)(GC8/991)
  52. Comrade Nibedita Nag in addition to her previous interview recorded in Dhaka, 03/08/2000 (Kolkata, 12/02/2004)(GC8/992)
  53. Interview with Comrade Ashok Mitra, CPI (M), leader, former minister Govt. of West Bengal. (Kolkata, 14/03/2007) (BG GC9/866)
  54. Interview with Comrade Sadhan Gupta CPI(M) leader, former MP and Attorney-General on Marxist Student movement in 1940's and Trade Union movement. (Kolkata, 15/08/2007) (BG GC9/867)
  55. Interview with Shushil Dhara, Commander in Chief of Tamralipta Govt. formed in Midnapur in 1942-1945. (Madnapur, West Bengal, 03/02/2004) (BG GC9/868)
  56. Interview with Radha Krishna Bari, historian of Tamralipta uprising in 1942-1945 and Tamralipta Govt. (Parganas West Bengal, India, 05/02/2004) (BG GC9/869)
  57. Interview with Kumudini Dakua, leader of the Tamralipta uprising against British colonial rule in 1942-1945. (Tamralipta, Midnapur, West Bengal, 03/02/2004) (BG GC9/870)
  58. Interview with anti-British freedom fighters former Congress minister Pratap Chandra Chandra (88)(Kolkata, 06/02/2007) (BG GC9/871)
  59. Interview with Comrade Sunil Munshi (84) of CPI on Student & Youth Movements of the 1940s and 50s in India, husband of CPI leader Bidya Munshi (Kolkata, 01/02/2006) (BG GC9/872)
  60. Interview with Comrade Ghopal Banerjee (85) former secretary of State Committee of West Bengal CPI from 1971-1982, on communist movement of West Bengal (Kolkata, 08/02/2007) (BG GC9/873)
  61. Interview with Prof. Shibnaryan Roy, founding member of Radical Humanist Movement of India and biographer of M.N. Roy. (Kolkata, 07/02/2007) (BG GC9/874)
  62. Interview with Sardar Fazlul Karim (84) Communist turned educationist on the communist movement of the 40's and 50's. (Dhaka, 18/11/2007)
  63. Interview with comrade Abul Bashar (74) on the Trade Union Movement and the Liberation War of Bangladesh. (Dhaka, 07/12/2007) 2 tapes
  64. Interview with Mirza Samad (83), former communist leader, on the communist movement of 40's and 50's and on Charu Majumdar. (Dhaka, 21-22/11/2007)
  65. Interview with Farookh Abdullah (Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir) on Kashmir. (CM's residence, 19/08/1999)
  66. Interview with Binod Bihari Chowdhury of Chittagong Armory Raid (1930) on the Anti British Liberation Struggle of India. (29/11/1997)
  67. Interview with Sagarika Ghosh (79), women activist of the Anti-British Movement, leader of Praja Socialist Party of the 1960's. (Kolkata, 16/08/2006)