Support! Vote! Strike!

The 1970s and early 80s

After the wave of protests in 1966 and subsequent years, the Dutch became more interested in politics. The established parties and trade unions radicalized. New parties were formed. Action committees emerged in all fields conceivable: for the environment and human rights, for women's emancipation and for peace. All were dedicated to changing policy in specific areas. Some groups evolved into large, professional organizations, such as Amnesty International and the Vereniging Milieudefensie [environmental defence association].

The scope of propaganda broadened. Action committees commissioned their posters from professional artists and designers, who welcomed these assignments, as they sympathized with the causes. Old political symbols reappeared. Some designers deliberately restored styles and techniques often used by leftist groups before the war, such as composite photographs and constructivism.

The action committees peaked shortly after 1980. The peace movement convinced hundreds of thousands of people to join protests against new nuclear arms. In major cities, the squatters very nearly became more effective than the regular housing services. Major demonstrations about the situation in South Africa, against nuclear power, or against the government became weekly occurrences.


1. Designer unknown, Redevelop deport speculate, 1971
2. Anthon Beeke, Photographers for Vietnam, 1971
3. Koten, Woman decide, 1972
4. Designer unknown, You Need the NVSH, 1973
5. Peter van Straaten, Working-group clean energy, 1973
6. Opland, With you - about you - without you, 1974
7. Alex Schalken, With Love from Kalkar, 1974
8. Max Kisman, Ronald Timmermans, Irresponsible together, 1977
9. Jeroen de Vries, Stop the neutron bomb, 1977
10. Jan Dibbets, Prisoners of Conscience Year, 1977
11. Kees Willemen, Who touches the pay, touches the VVDM, 1978
12. Gielijn Escher, 10 year medical Committee Netherlands Vietnam, 1978
13. Lies Ros, Rob Schröder, Frank Beekers, Youth demand work, 1980
14. Designer unknown, Ever met a normal person? And, did you like it?, 1980
15. Ivar Vics, City Art Guerrilla, 1980
16. Opland, No new nuclear arms in Europe, 1981
17. Hans Brouwer, Jan van Hoften, Program autumn 1982, 1982


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