Support! Vote! Strike!

The last fifteen years

In the course of the 1980s, 'action fatigue' appears to have set in. People no longer take the time for demonstrations and action committees. Some committees disbanded, as they had pretty much achieved their objective. The economy was doing well, people had a say in nearly everything, the nuclear threat had subsided, democratic elections were held in South Africa... the ambience hardly appeared to boost demand for political posters!

Many people remain concerned about subjects such as the environment, human rights, discrimination and health. Old symbols are no longer effective for raising awareness about such issues. Thousands of scenes are broadcast daily via the press, television, and the Internet. Capturing the attention of the public requires maintaining high standards and an extraordinary approach. Designers present new, imaginative looks that appeal to our sense of humour. Many exhibit familiar elements in unorthodox combinations or ironic contrasts of texts and images. New techniques include digital image manipulation. Political posters are often said to be virtually obsolete. The ingenious posters from recent years prove the contrary.


1. Designer unknown, Started the day with ten good resolutions, 1984
2. Designer unknown, Evacuate Oudegracht 299? Lick my arse!, 1984
3. Ko Sliggers, Twin towns Amsterdam - Managua, 1986
4. Kafak (Eddy Greidanus), Culture manifestation, 1987
5. Lies Ros, Rob Schröder, Frank Beekers, 75 years ANC, 1987
6. Kafak (Eddy Greidanus), Will everybody wear glasses in a while?, 1988
7. Anthon Beeke, Les droits - l' homme, 1989
8. N.A.P., Wild life, safe sex, 1991
9. Mc Cann & Ericson, Feel human again, eat vegetarian, 1993
10. Gebr. de Jong, Vietnam 93, 1993
11. Joost Bottema, European Gay & Lesbian Pride, 1994
12. Studenten Rietveldakademie, Holland. Vote well, 1994
13. Joost Veerkamp, Stop Schiphol, 1994
14. Nuyten & Associates, Some say the Netherlands are full, 1994
15. Designer unknown, How far will Nutricia go?, 1996
16. Designer unknown, Fur borders? Don't think so!, 1997
17. Designer unknown, Euro. Can you feel it?, 1997
18. Mej. C. Tollens, Pants off, jacket on, 1997


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