Picture 1 From Les Tablettes, November 1917. The woman and the sun weep over the mass graves.

Picture 2 From Les Tablettes, March 1918. The capitalist, profiting from the war, grins while the dead lie in the background.

Picture 3 'The dance starts again'. From La Feuille, August 4, 1919. The embargo on the importation of German money in France has been lifted, so the dance of money can start again.

Picture 4 'Well-deserved holidays'. From La Feuille, August 9, 1919. A peace conference in Paris is interrupted for holidays.

Picture 5 'The ideal producer of the future'. From La Feuille, October 27, 1919. According to an important industrialist, there has to be more production and less talk.

Picture 6'The art of plucking has not suffered from the war'. From La Feuille, November 8, 1919. Referring to a press release on the state of the poultry plucking industry after the war, Masereel states that another form of plucking has not suffered at all.

Picture 7 'What they had hoped'. From La Feuille, December 15, 1919. The victors of the World War cannot afford to station a large occupation army in Germany, but how they would have wanted to!

Picture 8 'Dawn'. From La Feuille, March 17, 1920. The print refers to tidings that a civil war might flare up in the big cities of Germany.

Picture 9 Woodcut from Werden, 1920 nr 2.