Civilized life - productive work
Publisher: Ogiz-Izogiz, Moscow/Leningrad
(Lithography, 141x101 cm., inv.nr. BG E12/680-1)

The message of this poster is directed to members of Komsomol, the communist youth organization. They have to set an example of civilized living and productive working. The composition is flatter, more 'socialist-realist' than Klutsis' earlier work. Klutsis has to comply with ever stricter artistic regulations.
The man in the picture is the steelworker Lukashov, who worked himself up to the position of engineer in the 'Hammer and Sickle' factory in Moscow. The photograph, by S. Blochin, was also published in Proletarskoe Foto, 1932, nr. 7-8.