Monthly grain prices in England, 1270-1955

The datafiles:

This file contains monthly prices of wheat, barley and oats in English shillings per Winchester quarter (c. 291 litres). The data are used in a paper by Nicholas Poynder, Grain storage in theory and history (.pdf, 40 Kb). Paper presented at the Third Conference of the European Historical Economics Society, Lisbon, October 29-30, 1999.

Other datafiles relating to this paper:
Monthly Grain Prices at Les Halles, Paris. 1549-1698
Monthly Wheat Prices in Cologne, 1550-1700
Monthly grain prices in Siena, 1550-1694

For source references see Table 1 in the paper.

The following Saints' days are used:

Michaelmas	  29 September
St. Thomas'	  21 December
Christmas	  25 December
Candlemas	   2 February
Lady Day	  25 March
Midsummer	  24 June
Lammas		   1 August

Prices are measured in shillings per Winchester quarters of c. 291 litres.
1 quarter = 8 bushels
1 bushel = 4 pecks

The silver content of the English currency can be obtained from: Robert C. Allen and Richard W. Unger, with the assistance of Shannon Parker and Stephanie McWhinnie, Allen - Unger Database, European Commodity Prices 1260-1914