Volume 38 supplement 1 (1993)



The end of labour history?

Marcel van der Linden, Editorial

Carville Earle, Divisions of Labor: The Splintered Geography of Labor Markets and Movements in Industrializing America. 1790-1930

Alf Lüdtke, Polymorphous Synchrony: German Industrial Workers and the Politics of Everyday Life

Hartmut Zwahr, Class Formation and the Labor Movement as the Subject of Dialectic Social History

Gottfried Korff, History of Symbols as Social History? Ten preliminary notes on the image and sign systems of social movements in Germany

David Roediger, Race and the Working-Class Past in the United States: Multiple identities and the Future of labor History

Sonya 0. Rose, Gender and Labor History: The nineteenth-century legacy

Marcel van der Linden, Connecting Household History and Labour History