Volume 40 supplement 3 (1995)



Citizenship, Identity and Social History

Charles Tilly, Citizenship, Identity and Social History

Marc W. Steinberg, "The Great End of All Government...": Working People's Construction of Citizenship Claims in Early Nineteenth-Century England and the Matter of Class

Bernhard Ebbinghaus, The Siamese Twins: Citizenship Rights, Cleavage Formation, and Party-Union Relations in Western Europe

Miriam Cohen and Michael Hanagan, Politics, Industrialization and Citizenship: Unemployment Policy in England, France and the United States, 1890-1950

Ann Mische, Projecting Democracy: The Formation of Citizenship Across Youth Networks in Brazil

Anthony W. Marx, Contested Citizenship: The Dynamics of Racial Identity and Social Movements

Eiko Ikegami, Citizenship and National Identity in Early Meiji Japan, 1868-1889: A Comparative Assessment

Charles Tilly, The Emergency of Citizenship in France and Elsewhere