Volume 43 supplement 6 (1998)



New Methods for Social History


Larry J. Griffin and Marcel van der Linden

Larry Isaac, Larry Christiansen, Jamie Miller and Tim Nickel
Temporally Recursive Regression and Social Historical Inquiry: An Example of Cross-Movement Militancy Spillover

Holly J. McCammon
Using Event History Analysis in Historical Research: With Illustrations from a Study of the Passage of Women's Protective Legislation

Glenn Deane, E.M. Beck and Stewart E. Tolnay
Incorporating Space into Social Histories: How Spatial Processes Operate and How We Observe Them

Roberto Franzosi
Narrative as Data: Linguistic and Statistical Tools for the Quantitative Study of Historical Events

Charles C. Ragin
The Logic of Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Charles Wetherell
Historical Social Network Analysis

Larry J. Griffin and Robert R. Korstad
Historical Inference and Event-Structure Analysis