Volume 44 supplement 7 (1999)



Complicating Categories: Gender, Class, Race and Ethnicity


Eileen Boris and Angélique Janssens
Complicating Categories: An Introduction

Sandra E. Greene
Family Concerns: Gender and Ethnicity in Pre-colonial West Africa

Ileen DeVault
Narratives Serially Constructed and Lived: Ethnicity in Cross-Gender Strikes, 1887-1903

Laura Dudley Jenkins
Competing Inequalities: The Struggle Over Reserved Seats for Women in India's Parliament

Michele Mitchell
'The Black Man's Burden': African Americans, Imperialism, and Notions of Racial Manhood, 1890-1910

Raelene Frances
Sex Workers or Citizens? Prostitution and the Shaping of 'Settler' Society in Australia

Laura Levine Frader
From Muscles to Nerves: Gender, 'Race' and the Body at Work in France, 1919-1939

Fatima El-Tayeb
'Blood Is a Very Special Juice': Racialized Bodies and Citizenship in Twentieth Century Germany