Volume 46 part 1 (April 2001)




Keumsoo Hong, 'The Geography of Time and Labor in the Late Antebellum American Rural South: Fin-de-Servitude Time-Consciousness, Contested Labor, and Plantation Capitalism' [summary]

Karl Christian Führer, 'Pawning in German Working-Class Life Before the First World War' [summary]

Suggestions and debates

Roger Burt and Sandra Kippen, 'Rational Choice and a Lifetime in Metal Mining: Employment Decisions by Nineteenth-Century Cornish Miners' [summary]

Book reviews

Chris Harman A people's history of the world (Lucien van der Walt)
Eric B. Ross The Malthus Factor. Population, Poverty and Politics in Capitalist Development (David Levine)
Kapital.doc. Das Kapital (Bd. 1) von Marx in Schaubildern mit Kommentaren von Elmar Altvater, Rolf Hecker, Michael Heinrich und Petra Schaper-Rinkel (Michael R. Krätke)
Seymour Drescher From Slavery to Freedom: Comparative Studies in the Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery (Gert Oostindie)
Nationalism, Labour and Ethnicity 1870-1939. Ed. by Stefan Berger and Angel Smith (Kenneth Lunn)
Colin G. Pooley and Jean Turnbull Migration and mobility in Britain since the eighteenth century (Jan Kok)
Shapiro, Gilbert and John Markoff, with contrib. by Timothy Tackett and Philip Dawson Revolutionary Demands. A Content Analysis of the Cahiers de Doléances of 1789 (Fred E. Schrader)
Paul Gourdot Les Sources maçonniques du socialisme français 1848-1871 (Jaap Kloosterman)
Christoph Anz Gilden im mittelalterlichen Skandinavien (Koen Goudriaan)
Matthew Frye Jacobson Whiteness of a Different Color. European Immigrants and the Alchemy of Race (Christiane Harzig)
Peter Baskerville and Eric W. Sager Unwilling Idlers: The Urban Unemployed and Their Families in Late Victorian Canada (Kees Mandemakers)
Madhavi Kale Fragments of Empire. Capital, Slavery, and Indian Indentured Labor Migration in the British Caribbean (Brinsley Samaroo)
Joan Casanovas Bread, or Bullets! Urban Labor and Spanish Colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898 (Consuelo Naranjo Orovio)
Sandra McGee Deutsch Las Derechas. The Extreme Right in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, 1890-1939 (Marcus Klein)



Notes on contributors