Volume 46 part 3 (December 2001)



Mary Hilson, 'Labour Politics in a Naval Dockyard: The Case of Karlskrona, Sweden c. 1880-1925' [summary]

Linda Reeder, 'Conflict Across the Atlantic: Women, Family and Mass Male Migration in Sicily, 1880-1920' [summary]

Willem van Schendel, 'Working Through Partition: Earning a Living in the Bengal Borderlands' [summary]

Marcel van der Linden, 'Global Labor History and "the Modern World-System": Thoughts at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Fernand Braudel Center'

Book reviews

Paul Pennartz and Anke Niehof The Domestic Domain. Chances, choices and strategies of family households (Andrejs Plakans)
Victor Silverman Imagining Internationalism in American and British Labor, 1939-49 (Geert Van Goethem)
Malcolm Chase Early Trade Unionism. Fraternity, skill and the politics of labour (Adrian Randall)
Louise Michel Je vous écris de ma nuit. Correspondance générale de Louise Michel 1850-1904 (Bert Altena)
Louise Michel Histoire de ma vie. Seconde et troisième parties. Londres 1904. Texte ét. et prés. par Xavière Gauthier (Bert Altena)
Donna R. Gabaccia Italy's Many Diasporas (Bruno Ramirez)
Jim McCarthy Political Theatre during the Spanish Civil War (Angela Cenarro)
Paul Buhle Taking Care of Business. Samuel Gompers, George Meany, Lane Kirkland, and the Tragedy of American Labor (Howard Kimeldorf)
Richard Magat Unlikely Partners. Philanthropic Foundations and the Labor Movement (Howell John Harris)
David Palmer Organizing the Shipyards. Union Strategy in Three Northeast Ports, 1933-1945 (Andrew A. Workman)
Allison Drew Discordant Comrades. Identities and Loyalties on the South African Left (Jonathan Grossman)


Notes on contributors