Volume 46 supplement 9 (2001)



Petitions in Social History


Lex Heerma van Voss, Introduction

Andreas Würgler, Voices from the "Silent Masses": Humble Petitions and Social Conflicts in Early Modern Central Europe

Cecilia Nubola, Supplications between Politics and Justice: The Northern and Central Italian States in the Early Modern Age

Marcia Schmidt Blaine, The Power of Petitions: Women and the New Hampshire Provincial Government, 1700-1770

Gilbert Shapiro and John Markoff, The Cahiers de Doléances of 1789 and Petitions

Potukuchi Swarnalatha, Revolt, Testimony, Petition: Artisanal Protests in Colonial Andhra

Ken Lunn and Ann Day, Deference and Defiance: The Changing Nature of Petitioning in British Naval Dockyards

Carola Lipp and Lothar Krempel, Petitions and the Social Context of Political Mobilization in the Revolution of 1848/49: A Microhistorical Actor Centered Network Analysis

Oleg Bukhovets, The Image of Jews in Byelorussia.Petitions As a Source for Popular Consciousness in the Early Twentieth Century

Rebecca Nedostup and Liang Hong-Ming, "Begging the Sages of the Party-State": Citizenship and Governement in Transition in Nationalist China, 1927-1937

Nancy K. Ota, Private Matters: Family and Race and the Post World War II Translation of "American"