Volume 47 part 2 (August 2002)



Malcolm McLaughlin, 'Reconsidering the East St Louis Race Riot of 1917' [summary]

Haia Shpayer-Makov, 'Re-Linking Work and Leisure in Late Victorian and Edwardian England: The Emergence of a Police Sub-Culture' [summary]

Mary-Louise Nagata, 'Migration and Networks in Early Modern Kyoto, Japan' [summary]

Research note
Alec Gordon and Napat Sirisambhand, 'Evidence for Thailand's Missing Social History: Thai Women in Old Mural Paintings'
Review essay
Patrick Pasture, 'A Century of International Trade Unionism'

Book reviews

New Methods for Social History. Ed. by Larry J. Griffin and Marcel van der Linden (Chris Lorenz)
Jonathan Beecher, Victor Considerant and the Rise and Fall of French Romantic Socialism (Arthur Mitzman)
Lawrence C. Jennings, French Anti-Slavery. The Movement for the Abolition of Slavery in France, 1802-1848 (Paul Kielstra)
Maria Papathanassiou, Zwischen Arbeit, Spiel und Schule. Die ökonomische Funktion der Kinder ärmerer Schichten in Österreich 1880-1939 (Angélique Janssens)
David J. McCreery, The Sweat of Their Brow: A History of Work in Latin America (Alexandre Fortes)
David Robinson, Paths of Accomodation. Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania, 1880-1920 (Mamadou Diouf)
Gunther Peck, Reinventing Free Labor. Padrones and Immigrant Workers in the Norh American West, 1880-1930 (Seth Wigderson)
Anna Green, British Capital, Antipodean Labour. Working the New Zealand Waterfront, 1915-1951 (Eric Taplin)
Filippo Osella and Caroline Osella, Social Mobility in Kerala. Modernity and Identity in Conflict (Anna Lindberg)



Guide to the International Archives and Collections at the IISH: Supplement over 2001
Notes on contributors