Volume 47 part 3 (December 2002)



Keith Mann 'Political Identity and Worker Politics: Silk and Metal Workers in Lyon, 1900-1914' [summary]

Research note
Onur Yildirim 'Ottoman Guilds as a Setting for Ethno-Religious Conflict: The Case of the Silk-Thread Spinners' Guild in Istanbul'

Suggestions and Debates
"Family Strategies": A Contested Concept [summary]
Pier Paolo Viazzo and Katherine A. Lynch 'Anthropology, Family History, and the Concept of Strategy'
Theo Engelen 'Labour Strategies of Families: A Critical Assessment of an Appealing Concept'
Jan Kok 'The Challenge of Strategy. A Comment'

Book reviews

David Levine At the Dawn of Modernity. Biology, Culture, and Material Life in Europe after the Year 1000 (Peter Hoppenbrouwers)
Ariadne Schmidt Overleven na de dood. Weduwen in Leiden in de Gouden Eeuw (Martha Howell)
Prasannan Parthasarathi The Transition to a Colonial Economy. Weavers, Merchants and Kings in South India 1720-1800 (Dietmar Rothermund)
Robert A. Margo Wages and Labor Markets in the United States, 1820-1860 (Stephen T. Ziliak)
Maureen Perkins The Reform of Time. Magic and Modernity (Hans de Waardt)
Brian Kelly Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21 (Robert H. Zieger)
O. Nigel Bolland The Politics of Labour in the British Caribbean: The Social Origins of Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Labour Movement (Ulbe Bosma)
Stephen Woodhams History in the Making. Raymond Williams, Edward Thompson and Radical Intellectuals 1936-1956 (John Callaghan)
Frank Fernández Cuban Anarchism. The History of a Movement (Joan Casanovas)
Jorge Parodi To Be a Worker. Identity and Politics in Peru (Marcus Klein)





Notes on contributors