Volume 48 part 3 (December 2003)



Special theme

Twentieth Century Iran: History from Below

Touraj Atabaki and Marcel van der Linden, 'Introduction' [summary]

Kaveh Ehsani, 'Social Engineering and the Contradictions of Modernization in Khuzestan's Company Towns: A Look at Abadan and Masjed-Soleyman' [summary]

Touraj Atabaki, 'Disgruntled Guests: Iranian Subaltern on the Margins of the Tsarist Empire' [summary]

Willem Floor, 'The Brick Workers of Khatunabad: A Striking Record (1953-1979)' [summary]

Review essays

Teresa Barnes, 'Democracy and Historiographies of Organized Labour in Zimbabwe'

Cornelis J. Lammers, 'Mutiny in Comparative Perspective'

Book reviews

Joseph E. Inikori, Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England. A Study in International Trade and Economic Development (Eric Kimball)
When Dad Died. Individuals and Families Coping with Family Stress in Past Societies. Ed. by Renzo Derosas and Michel Oris (Jan Kok)
Marilyn Silverman, An Irish Working Class. Explorations in Political Economy and Hegemony, 1800-1950 (Mats Greiff)
Karl Korsch, Briefe 1908-1939. Ed. by Michael Buckmiller, Michel Prat and Meike G. Werner. Briefe 1940-1958. Ed. by Michael Buckmiller und Michel Prat (Michael R. Krätke)
China's Communist Revolutions. Fifty Years of the People's Republic of China. Ed. by Werner Draguhn and David S.G. Goodman (Arif Dirlik)
The Chinese Revolution in the 1920s. Between triumph and disaster. Ed. by Mechthild Leutner, Roland Felber, Mikhail L. Titarenko and Alexander M. Grigoriev (Arif Dirlik)
Donald Filtzer, Soviet Workers and Late Stalinism. Labour and the Restoration of the Stalinist System after World War II (Gijs Kessler)
Thomas Haury, Antisemitismus von links. Kommunistische Ideologie, Nationalismus und Antizionismus in der frühen DDR (Mario Kessler)
Tamara K. Hareven, The Silk Weavers of Kyoto. Family and Work in a Changing Traditional Industry (E. Patricia Tsurumi)
James F. Rochlin, Vanguard Revolutionaries in Latin America. Peru, Colombia, Mexico (Michiel Baud)



Notes on contributors