Volume 51 part 2 (August 2006)




Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk 'Segmentation in the Pre-Industrial Labour Market. Women's Work in the Dutch Textile Industry, 1581-1810' [summary]

Richard J. Soderlund 'Resistance from the Margins: the Yorkshire Worsted Spinners, Policing, and the Transformation of Work in the Early Industrial Revolution' [summary]

Marc Steinberg 'Unfree Labor, Apprenticeship, and the Rise of the Victorian Hull Fishing Industry. An Example of the Importance of Law and the Local State in British Economic Change' [summary]

Jenny Andersson 'Choosing Future: Alva Myrdal and the Construction of Swedish Futures Studies 1967-1972' [summary]

Book reviews

William H.Sewell Jr. Logics of History. Social Theory and Social Transformation (Alex Callinicos)
Arland Thornton Reading History Sideways. The Fallacy and Enduring Impact of the Developmental Paradigm on Family Life (Daniel Scott Smith)
Marjatta Rahikainen Centuries of Child Labour. European Experiences from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century (Kristoffel Lieten)
Ursula Langkau-Alex Deutsche Volksfront 1932-1939. Zwischen Berlin, Paris, Prag und Moskau. Erster Band: Vorgeschichte und Gründung des Ausschusses zur Vorbereitung einer deutschen Volksfront. Zweiter Band: Geschichte des Ausschusses zur Vorbereitung einer deutschen Volksfront. Dritter Band: Dokumente zur Geschichte des Ausschusses zur Vorbereitung einer deutschen Volksfront, Chronik und Verzeichnisse (Mario Kessler)
Irene Lozano Federica Montseny. Una Anarquista en el Poder (Eduardo Romanos Fraile)
Susanna Tavera Federica Montseny. La indomable (1905-1994) (Eduardo Romanos Fraile)
Robin Law Ouidah The Social History of a West African Slaving 'Port' 1727-1892 (Ibrahima Thiaw)
Tanya Lyons Guns and Guerilla Girls. Women in the Zimbabwean Liberation Struggle (Teresa Barnes)
John D. French Drowning in Laws. Labor Law and Brazilian Political Culture (Michael M. Hall)



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