Volume 54 part 1 (April 2009)


IRSH 54-1


Gareth Austin 'Cash Crops and Freedom: Export Agriculture and the Decline of Slavery in Colonial West Africa' [summary]

Christiane Reinecke 'Governing Aliens in Times of Upheaval: Immigration Control and Modern State Practice in Early Twentieth-Century Britain, Compared with Prussia' [summary]


Niklas Frykman 'Seamen on Late Eighteenth-Century European Warships' [summary]

Review Essay

Frank Meyer 'Expanding the Frontiers of Labour History: Kjartan Fløgstad’s Synthesis of Local, Global, and Environmental History'

Book reviews

Alice Kessler-Harris Gendering Labor History. [The Working Class in American History.] (Francisca de Haan)
Ralph Darlington Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism. An International Comparative Analysis. [Studies in Labour History.] (Reiner Tosstorff)
Wendy Z Goldman Terror and Democracy in the Age of Stalin. The Social Dynamics of Repression (Elena A. Osokina)
Simon Pirani The Russian Revolution in Retreat, 1920–24. Soviet workers and the new communist elite. [BASEES/RoutledgeCurzon Series on Russian and East European Studies, Vol. 45.] (Page Herrlinger)
A Kemp-Welch Poland under Communism. A Cold War History. (Padraic Kenney)
Paul Lendvai One Day That Shook the Communist World. The 1956 Hungarian Uprising and Its Legacy. (Mark Pittaway)
Andreas Eckert Herrschen und Verwalten. Afrikanische Bürokraten, staatliche Ordnung und Politik in Tanzania, 1920–1970. [Studien zur Internationalen Geschichte.] (Ulrich van der Heyden)



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