Volume 54 supplement 17 (2009)


IRSH 54 supplement

Ottoman and Republican Turkish Labour History

Edited by Touraj Atabaki and Gavin Brockett

Touraj Atabaki and Gavin Brockett Ottoman and Republican Turkish Labour History: An Introduction

Işıl Acehan "Ottoman Street" in America: Turkish Leather Workers in Peabody, Massachusetts [summary]

Gulhan Balsoy Gendering Ottoman Labor History: The Cibali Régie Factory in the Early Twentieth Century [summary]

Mustafa Erdem Kabadayı Working in a Fez Factory in Istanbul in the Late Nineteenth Century: Division of Labour and Networks of Migration Formed along Ethnoreligious Lines [summary]

Yavuz Köse Vertical Bazaars of Modernity: Western Department Stores and their Staff in Istanbul (1889-1921) [summary]

Nursen Gürboğa Compulsory Mine Work: The Single-Party Regime and the Zonguldak Coalfield as a Site of Contention, 1940-1947 [summary]

Can Nacar "Our Lives Were Not As Valuable As An Animal": Workers in State-Run Industries in World-War-II Turkey [summary]

Yigit Akin The Dynamics of Working-Class Politics in Early Republican Turkey: Language, Identity, and Experience [summary]

Donald Quataert Epilogue