Volume 55 part 2 (August 2010)


IRSH 55-2

Marcelo Badaró Mattos 'Experiences in Common: Slavery and "Freedom" in the Process of Rio de Janeiro's Working-Class Formation (1850-1910)' [summary]

Chris Leonards and Nico Randeraad 'Transnational Experts in Social Reform, 1840-1880' [summary]

Suggestions and Debates

Sandra Swart '"The World the Horses Made": A South African Case Study of Writing Animals into Social History' [summary]


Leo Lucassen 'A Brave New World: The Left, Social Engineering, and Eugenics in Twentieth-Century Europe' [summary]

Review Essay

Sara Farris 'New and Old Spirits of Capitalism'
Shelton Stromquist 'Comparing Labor Politics in the US and Australia: New Light on an Old Question'

Book reviews

Beate Sturm "Wat ich schuldich war" Privatkredit im frühneuzeitlichen Hannover (1550-1750) (Jaco Zuijderduijn) Jerry Z. Muller Capitalism and the Jews (Mario Kessler)
Civil Society, Associations and Urban Places: Class, Nation and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Ed. by Graeme Morton, Boudien de Vries, and Robert John Morris (Irina Novichenko)
Social Capital and Associations in European Democracies. A comparative analysis. Ed. by William A. Maloney and Sigrid Roßteutscher (Irina Novichenko)
Re?at Kasaba A Moveable Empire: Ottoman Nomads, Migrants, and Refugees (M. Erdem Kabadayi)
Lucien Van der Walt and Michael Schmidt Black Flame. The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism (Ruth Kinna)
The Encyclopedia of Strikes in American History. Ed by Aaron Brenner, Benjamin Day, and Immanuel Ness (Paul Lipold)
Elena Shulman Stalinism on the Frontier of Empire: Women and State Formation in the Soviet Far East (Marianna Muravyeva)
Jacob Eyferth Eating Rice from Bamboo Roots. The Social History of a Community of Handicraft Papermakers in Rural Sichuan, 1920-2000 (Christine Moll-Murata)



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