Volume 55 Special Issue 18 (2010)


IRSH 55-si

Globalization, Environmental Change, and Social History

Edited by Peter Boomgaard and Marjolein 't Hart
Notes on contributors

Peter Boomgaard and Marjolein 't Hart, Globalization, Environmental Change, and Social History: An Introduction

Brett Bennett, The El Dorado of Forestry: The Eucalyptus in India, South Africa, and Thailand, 1850-2000 [summary]

Stefan Halikowski Smith, The Mid-Atlantic Islands: A Theatre of Early Modern Ecocide? [summary]

Raphael Morera, Environmental Change and Globalization in Seventeenth-Century France: Dutch Traders and the Draining of French Wetlands (Arles, Petit Poitou) [summary]

Joseph Horan, The Colonial Famine Plot: Slavery, Free Trade, and Empire in the French Atlantic, 1763-1791 [summary]

Sayako Kanda, Environmental Changes, the Emergence of a Fuel Market, and the Working Conditions of Salt Makers in Bengal, c.1780-1845 [summary]

Andy Bruno, Life in a Limiting Landscape: An Environmental Interpretation of Stalinist Social Conditions in the Far North [summary]

Guy Thompson, "Pumpkins Just Got in There": Gender and Generational Conflict and "Improved" Agriculture in Colonial Zimbabwe [summary]

Lucigleide Nery Nascimento and Mimi Larsen Becker, Hydro-Businesses: National and Global Demands Influencing Meanings and Uses of the São Francisco River Basin Environment of Brazil [summary]