Volume 56 Special Issue 19 (2011)



The Joy and Pain of Work: Global Attitudes and Valuations, 1500-1650

Edited by Karin Hofmeester and Christine Moll-Murata
Notes on contributors

Karin Hofmeester and Christine Moll-Murata, 'The Joy and Pain of Work: Global Attitudes and Valuations, 1500–1650 Introduction’

Marcel van der Linden, 'Studying Attitudes to Work Worldwide, 1500–1650: Concepts, Sources, and Problems of Interpretation’ [summary]

Ariadne Schmidt, 'Labour Ideologies and Women in the Northern Netherlands, c.1500–1800’ [summary]

Henk Looijesteijn, 'Between Sin and Salvation: The Seventeenth-Century Dutch Artisan Pieter Plockhoy and His Ethics of Work’ [summary]

Luca Mocarelli, 'Attitudes to Work and Commerce in the Late Italian Renaissance: A Comparison between Tomaso Garzoni’s La Piazza Universale and Leonardo Fioravanti’s Dello Specchio Di Scientia Universale’ [summary]

Andrea Caracausi, 'The Just Wage in Early Modern Italy: A Reflection on Zacchia’s De Salario seu Operariorum Mercede’ [summary]

Arkadiy E. Tarasov, 'The Religious Aspect of Labour Ethics in Medieval and Early Modern Russia’ [summary]

Karin Hofmeester, 'Jewish Ethics and Women’s Work in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Arab-Islamic World’ [summary]

Christine Moll-Murata, 'Work Ethics and Work Valuations in a Period of Commercialization: Ming China, 1500–1644’ [summary]

Harriet T. Zurndorfer, 'Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Confucian Moral Universe of Late Ming China (1550–1644)’ [summary]

Regine Mathias, 'Japan in the Seventeenth Century: Labour Relations and Work Ethics’ [summary]

Shireen Moosvi, 'The World of Labour in Mughal India (c.1500–1750)’ [summary]

Najaf Haider, 'Norms of Professional Excellence and Good Conduct in Accountancy Manuals of the Mughal Empire’ [summary]

Tarcisio R. Botelho, 'Labour Ideologies and Labour Relations in Colonial Portuguese America, 1500–1700’ [summary]

Raquel Gil Montero, 'Free and Unfree Labour in the Colonial Andes in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century’ [summary]