Volume 57 part 3 (December 2012)


IRSH 57-3


Jacob Eyferth 'Women’s Work and the Politics of Homespun in Socialist China, 1949-1980’ [summary]

Jeremy Krikler 'A Chain of Murder in the Slave Trade: A Wider Context of the Zong Massacre’ [summary]

Juusso Marttila 'Monopolizing the Property of Skill: A Prosopographic Analysis of a Finnish Ironworks Community’ [summary]

Suggestions and Debates

Vera Parham '"These Indians Are Apparently Well to Do": The Myth of Capitalism and Native American Labor' [summary]

Book reviews

De wereld en Nederland. Een sociale en economische geschiedenis van de laatste duizend jaar. Red. Karel Davids en Marjolein ’t Hart. Lex Heerma van Voss, Manon van der Heijden, Leo Lucassen, Jeroen Touwen (Bert Altena)
Emma Christopher A Merciless Place. The Lost Story of Britain’s Convict Disaster in Africa (Ty M. Reese)
G. Balachandran Globalizing Labour? Indian Seafarers and World Shipping, c. 1870-1945 (Michael H. Fisher)
The World in World Wars. Experiences, Perceptions and Perspectives from Africa and Asia. Ed. by Heike Liebau, Katrin Bromber, Katharina Lange, Dyala Hamzah and Ravi Ahuja (Massimo Zaccaria)
David De Vries Diamonds and War. State, Capital, and Labor in British-Ruled Palestine (Karin Hofmeester)
Rüdiger Hachtmann Das Wirtschaftsimperium der Deutschen Arbeitsfront 1933-1945 (Karl Heinz Roth)
Geoffrey G. Field Blood, Sweat, and Toil. Remaking the British Working Class, 1939-1945 (Kevin Morgan)
Scott B. Smith Captives of Revolution. The Socialist Revolutionaries and the Bolshevik Dictatorship, 1918–1923 (Sarah Badcock)
Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas Labour Migration in Malaysia and Spain. Markets, Citizenship and Rights (Marshall Clark)
Smitha Radhakrishnan Appropriately Indian. Gender and Culture in a New Transnational Class (Carol Upadhya)
Irina Carlota Silber Everyday Revolutionaries. Gender, Violence, and Disillusionment in Postwar El Salvador (Tine Destrooper)



Notes on contributors