Volume 59 part 2 (August 2014)


IRSH 59-2


Aditya Sarkar 'The Tie That Snapped: Bubonic Plague and Mill Labour in Bombay, 1896-1898' [abstract]

Yi Wang 'Irrigation, Commercialization, and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century Inner Mongolia' [abstract]

Manuela Martini 'When Unpaid Workers Need a Legal Status: Family Workers and Reforms to Labour Rights in Twentieth-Century France' [abstract]


Raffaella Sarti 'Historians, Social Scientists, Servants, and Domestic Workers: Fifty Years of Research on Domestic and Care Work' [abstract]

Book reviews

John W. Budd The Thought of Work (Josef Ehmer)
Ours to Master and to Own. Workers' Control from the Commune to the Present. Ed. by Immanuel Ness and Dario Azzellini (Frank Georgi)
John S. Ahlquist and Margaret Levi In the Interest of Others. Organizations and Social Activism (Peter Cole)
Arie Arnon Monetary Theory and Policy from Hume and Smith to Wicksell. Money, Credit and the Economy (Fred E. Schrader)
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal and R. Bin Wong Before and Beyond Divergence. The Politics of Economic Change in China and Europe (Eric Mielants)
Anthony Cox Empire, Industry and Class. The imperial nexus of jute, 1840-1940 (Samita Sen)
Robert Whitney and Graciela Chailloux Laffita Subjects or Citizens. British Caribbean Workers in Cuba, 1900-1960 (Kirwin R. Shaffer)
Holger Weiss Framing a Radical African Atlantic. African American Agency, West African Intellectuals and the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers (Angelie Sens)
Massimo Zaccaria Anch'io per la tua bandiera. Il V Battaglione Ascari in missione sul fronte libico (1912) (Francesca Di Pasquale)
Keith Gildart Images of England through Popular Music. Class, Youth and Rock 'n' Roll, 1955?1976 (Melanie Tebbutt)

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