Volume 60 part 1 (April 2015)


IRSH 60-1


Niall Whelehan 'Revolting Peasants: Southern Italy, Ireland, and Cartoons in Comparative Perspective, 1860–1882' [abstract]

Francisco Barbosa de Macedo 'Social Networks and Urban Space: Worker Mobilization in the First Years of "New" Unionism in Brazil' [abstract]

Suggestions & Debates

Willem van Schendel 'What Is Agrarian Labour? Contrasting Indigo Production in Colonial India and Indonesia' [abstract]

Review Essay

Stefano Bellucci 'Crisis of Capitalism, Crisis of Labour'

Book reviews

Gregory Clark The Son also Rises. Surnames and the History of Social Mobility. With Neil Cummins, Yu Hao, Daniel Diaz Vidal [a.o.] (Mike Savage)
African Voices on Slavery and the Slave Trade. Ed. by Alice Bellagamba, Sandra E. Greene, and Martin A. Klein (Paul Lovejoy)
Bonded Labour and Debt in the Indian Ocean World. Ed. by Gwyn Campbell and Alessandro Stanziani (Michael Mann)
Michael Huberman Odd Couple. International Trade and Labor Standards in History. (Christoph Scherrer)
Working Lives and Worker Militancy. The Politics of Labour in Colonial India. Ed. by Ravi Ahuja (Janaki Nair)
American Labor's Global Ambassadors. The International History of the AFL-CIO during the Cold War. Ed. by Robert Anthony Waters, Jr and Geert Van Goethem. With a foreword by Marcel van der Linden (Michael Merrill)
A Justiça do Trabalho e sua história. Os direitos dos trabalhadores no Brasil. Org. Ângela de Castro Gomes and Fernando Teixeira da Silva (Oliver Dinius)
Mao's Little Red Book. A Global History. Ed. by Alexander C. Cook (Matt Galway)
Black Power in the Caribbean. Ed. by Kate Quinn (Christian Cwik)