Volume 60 part 2 (August 2015)


IRSH 60-2


Sidney Chalhoub  'The Politics of Ambiguity in Brazilian Slave Emancipation: Conditional Manumission and Labor Contracts' [abstract]

Lerice de Castro Garzoni  'At the Borders of Non-Work: Poor Female Workers and Definitions of Vagrancy in Early Twentieth Century Rio de Janeiro' [abstract]

Duncan Money  'The World of European Labour on the Zambian Copperbelt, 1940-1945' [abstract]

Carissa Honeywell  'Anarchism and the British Warfare State. The Prosecution of the War Commentary anarchists, 1945' [abstract]

Book reviews

Labour-Intensive Industrialization in Global History. Ed. by Gareth Austin and Kaoru Sugihara (Wolfgang Knöbl)
Kendall W. Brown A History of Mining in Latin America. From the Colonial Era to the Present (Rossana Barraga´n Romano)
Anti-Social Behaviour in Britain. Victorian and Contemporary Perspectives. Ed. by Sarah Pickard (Susan Finding)
Susan Zimmermann Divide, Provide, and Rule. An Integrative History of Poverty Policy, Social Reform, and Social Policy in Hungary under the Habsburg Monarchy (Inga Brandes)
Dennis Bos Bloed en barricaden. De Parijse Commune herdacht (Maarten Van Ginderachter)
The Militant Song Movement in Latin America. Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. Ed. by Pablo Vila (Juan Carlos Urenña)
Petra Terhoeven Deutscher Herbst in Europa. Der Linksterrorismus der siebziger Jahre als transnationales Phänomen (Jacco Pekelder)
Non-Standard Employment in Europe. Paradigms, Prevalence and Policy Responses. Ed. by Max Koch and Martin Fritz (Peter Birke)
Bryan McCann Hard Times in the Marvelous City. From Dictatorship to Democracy in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro (Serge Ollivier)



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