Volume 60 part 3 (December 2015)


IRSH 60-3


Patricia Van den Eeckhout  'Workers or Small Entrepreneurs? Waiters, Waitresses, and Their Tips Before the First World War' [abstract]

Paolo Raspadori  'Workers, not Servants: Strikes of Hotel and Restaurant Staff in Italy' [abstract]

Giselle Nath  'Reproducing or Contesting the Global? Belgian Organized Consumerism and Its International Entanglements (1957-1990)' [abstract]

Review Essay

Christian G. De Vito Towards the Global Spanish Pacific

Marcel van der Linden The Okanisi: A Surinamese Maroon Community, c.1712-2010

Book reviews

Jürgen Osterhammel The Transformation of the World. A Global History of the Nineteenth Century (Bodhisattva Kar)
Sven Beckert Empire of Cotton. A Global History (Ulbe Bosma)
Michael Guasco Slaves and Englishmen. Human Bondage in the Early Modern Atlantic World (Stanley Engerman)
Josep Puigsech Farràs Falsa leyenda del Kremlin. El consulado y la URSS en la Guerra Civil Española (Daniel Kowalsky)
Allison Drew We are no longer in France. Communists in colonial Algeria (Pierre-Jean Le Foll-Luciani)
Joachim Radkau The Age of Ecology. A Global History (Holger Nehring)
Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War. Agents, Activities, and Networks. Ed. by Luc van Dongen, Stéphanie Roulin, and Giles Scott-Smith (Richard Saull)
Sven Reichardt Authentizität und Gemeinschaft. Linksalternatives Leben in den siebziger und frühen achtziger Jahren (Gerd-Rainer Horn)
Kyle Harvey American Anti-Nuclear Activism, 1975-1990. The Challenge of Peace (Lawrence Wittner)
Lu Zhang Inside China's Automobile Factories. The Politics of Labor and Worker Resistance (Robert Pauls)
Ursula Huws Labor in the Global Digital Economy. The Cybertariat Comes of Age (Greg Downey)