Volume 60 Special Issue (December 2015)


IRSH 60-si

Migration and Ethnicity in Coalfield History: Global Perspectives

Edited by Ad Knotter and David Mayer

Ad Knotter and David Mayer  'Introduction' [abstract]

Ad Knotter  'Migration and Ethnicity in Coalfield History: Global Perspectives' [abstract]

Ian Phimister and Alfred Tembo  'A Zambian Town in Colonial Zimbabwe: The 1964 "Wangi Kolia" Strike' [abstract]

Carolyn A. Brown  'Locals and Migrants in the Coalmining Town of Enugu (Nigeria): Worker Protest and Urban Identity 1915-1929' [abstract]

Limin Teh  'Labor Control and Mobility in Japanese-Controlled Fushun Coalmine (China), 1907-1932' [abstract]

Tom Arents and Norihiko Tsuneishi  'The Uneven Recruitment of Korean Miners in Japan in the 1910s and 1920s: Employment Strategies of the Miike and Chikuh? Coalmining Companies' [abstract]

Joe Trotter  'The Dynamics of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. Coal Industry' [abstract]

Clarice Gontarski Speranza  'European Workers in Brazilian Coalmining, Rio Grande do Sul, 1850-1950 ' [abstract]

Julia Landau  'Specialists, Spies, "Special Settlers", and Prisoners of War: Social Frictions in the Kuzbass (USSR), 1920-1950' [abstract]

Erol Kahveci  'Migration, Ethnicity, and Divisions of Labour in the Zonguldak Coalfield, Turkey' [abstract]

Philip Slaby  'Dissimilarity Breeds Contempt: Ethnic Paternalism, Foreigners, and the State in Pas-de-Calais Coalmining, France, 1920s' [abstract]

Marion Fontaine  'Football, Migration, and Coalmining in Northern France, 1920s-1980s' [abstract]

Diethelm Blecking  'Integration through Sports? Polish Migrants in the Ruhr Area, Germany' [abstract]