Volume 61 part 2 (August 2016)


IRSH 61-2


Ju Li  'Victory and Defeat: The Contentious Politics of One Generation of State Workers in China Since the 1960s' [abstract]

Peter van Dam  'Moralizing Postcolonial Consumer Society: Fair Trade in the Netherlands, 1964-1997' [abstract]

Brian Shaev  'Workers' Politics in French Mining and German Industry and Socialist Reactions to the Schuman Plan, 1944-1951' [abstract]

Evan Smith  'National Liberation for Whom? The Postcolonial Question, the Communist Party of Great Britain and the Party's African and Caribbean Membership' [abstract]

Review Essay

Jan Lucassen 'The Relevance of Monetary History and Numismatics for Social and Economic History: The Case of East Asia'

Book reviews

Fighting for a Living. A Comparative History of Military Labour 1500-2000. Ed. by Erik-Jan Zürcher (Thomas Kolnberger)
Networks and Trans-Cultural Exchange. Slave Trading in the South Atlantic, 1590-1867. Ed. by David Richardson and Filipa Ribeiro da Silva (Jelmer Vos)
Kevin P. McDonald Pirates, Merchants, Settlers, and Slaves. Colonial America and the Indo-Atlantic World (James Dator)
Beke Sinjen Prosa der Verhältnisse. Die Entdeckung der Erzählliteratur durch die Arbeiterbewegung (1863-1906) (Patrick Eiden-Offe)
Rupa Viswanath The Pariah Problem. Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India (Tanika Sarkar)
Felix Wemheuer Famine Politics in Maoist China and the Soviet Union (Mark B. Tauger)
Yiching Wu The Cultural Revolution at the Margins. Chinese Socialism in Crisis (William Hurst)
Matthew Anderson A History of Fair Trade in Contemporary Britain. From Civil Society Campaigns to Corporate Compliance (Benjamin Möckel)
Alexander Sedlmaier Consumption and Violence. Radical Protest in Cold-War West Germany (Benjamin Möckel)



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