115, 116, 117 A clandestine publication

In August 1991 the violent attempt to end Gorbachev’s reforms led to the demise of the communist regime in the Soviet Union. From 1986 the new open policy enabled the IISH to intensify Russian collection development. Since then, for example, the samizdat collection – illegal publications issued privately – was expanded considerably. This is a page from the memoirs of Nadezhda Mandelstam (1899-1980), of which the Russian version was published in New York in 1970 and the English one in 1971.

Vospominanija (Recollections)
Vospominanija (Recollections)
Hope against hope: a memoir

Vospominanija (Recollections)
Nadežda Mandel’štam
Typoscript, 20 x 30
Alexander Herzenstichting Records, no. 124

Vospominanija (Recollections)
Nadežda Mandel’štam
New York: Chekhov Publishing Company, 1970
Book, Russ ed, 14 x 21

Hope against Hope: a memoir
Nadežda Mandel’štam
Londen: Collins & Harvill, 1971
Book, translated by Max Hayward with an introduction by Clarence Brown, 17 x25

1970 - 1971


Alexander Herzen Foundation

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