237 Marx Ludo

Combining the useful with the agreeable, many ‘rebels with a cause’ played and devised games. The Marx’s in London played Strikes, for which the game rules have unfortunately disappeared, but which was probably similar to an industrial Game of the Goose. The Marx-erger-je-niet game (Sorry, Marx!), produced in Louvain in 1981, taught players all about “the evolution of the simple commodities trade into the capitalist production system and the central role of surplus value in the analysis of capitalism.”

Strikes, the Marx family's board game
Strikes, the Marx family's board game
Marx, erger je niet!

England, ca 1860
Board game, 24 x 27
Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels Papers, no E 92

Marx erger je niet (Sorry, Marx!): a game of capitalist exploitation
Louvain: Infodok, 1981
Board game, 22 x 31