30 After the revolution

After the armistice on 11 November 1918 and the political change in Germany, the battle focus shifted to the social-economic structure of the new republic. Erich Kuttner (1887-1942) wanted to show the soldiers along the Eastern frontier what had been accomplished, and what remained to be done. In 1933 he fled to Amsterdam, where he worked at the IISH. He fought in the Spanish Civil War and wrote Het hongerjaar 1566. He perished in Mauthausen concentration camp.

Was hat uns die Revolution gebracht?

Was hat uns die Revolution gebracht?
Berlin: Delegation der Soldatenräte der Ostfront, December 1918
Pamphlet, 21x 29
Deutsche Sozialistische Republik, Zentralrat Records, B-57, Teil 2, no 155

1918 - 1919