36 George Sand

George Sand (pseudonym of Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, 1804-1876), a celebrated French author, was long the centre of a circle of belle-lettrists and musicians, including Liszt and Chopin. In the 1830s she became a republican and subsequently a socialist, as is clear from novels such as Le Compagnon du Tour de France (1841), Consuelo (1842-1843), and La Comtesse de Rudolstadt (1843), which appeared as serials in the Revue indépendante. In 1844 she and Leroux founded l’Éclaireur de l’Indre and in 1845 La Revue sociale.

George Sand: Visages du Romantisme

George Sand: visages du romantisme
Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, 1977
Catalogue, 18 x 24