53 Socialist singing

Gorter and Pannekoek were very influential in Germany, especially within the Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands, an ‘anti-party party’ that opposed parliamentarism even with songs. The Kommunistisches Arbeiterlied was sung to a melody from the Napoleonic Wars, the Büxensteinlied (by Richard Schulz, about a fight over a Berlin printing works in 1919) to that of a nationalist soldiers’ song from the world war. The rich tradition of labour movement songs, which typically recycle melodies, is documented extensively at the IISH.

Kampfgesang. Proletarische Freiheitslieder

Kampfgesang: proletarische Freiheitslieder
Berlin: KAPD, 1921
Pamphlet, 10 x 15



French revolutionary songs

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