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Modern-day vegetarianism, which originated in the mid-nineteenth century, led to similarly divided views: to many socialists, this was a classic case of mistaken priorities. In 1894 in the Netherlands the present Nederlandse Vegetariërsbond was established. The Christian anarchist Felix Ortt (1866-1959) and the socialist Daniël de Clercq (1845-1931), who from 1897 edited the Vegetarische Bode, were leading figures in this association. The IISH holds the former lending library of the Vegetariërsbond.

Vegetarische Bode

Vegetarische Bode
Van Haagen
Haarlem: Vernhout & Van Sluijters, n.d.
Lithograph, 16 x 24



The lending library of the Nederlandse Vegetariërsbond

Information on the lending library of the Nederlandsche Vegetariërsbond, now at the IISH, can be found at http://www.iisg.nl/collections/vegetariersbond/index.php.

The library consists of ca. 750 titles.