120 The Turk in 1488

In 1453 the fall of Constantinople ushered in an extended period in which ‘the Turk’ was perceived as the Antichrist in Europe. The expansionist Ottoman Empire became a threat to Vienna in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Chronica Hungariae by Janós Thuróczy (c1435-c1489), an incunable printed in Brno and Augsburg in 1488, features a woodcarving of the Ottoman army. The Janissaries appear in distinctive tall, sleeve-shaped caps. This may be the oldest known depiction of Turks.

Illustrissima Hungariae regum chronica

Illustrissima Hungariae regum chronica
Janós Thuróczy
Brno, 1488
Book, 31 x 21