Alice San Pedro-Raymundo Collection
From Alice San Pedro-Raymundo the Institute recently received a collection of papers concerning the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the splits in the movement of 1992 and 1998. Also included are documents on the peasant's question.
Access to the collection is free.
See also: http://www.iisg.nl/archives/en/files/s/11014579.php

Elections 2004
The institute received a collection of ca. 40 election posters (plus some buttons) from different political parties and candidates. A videotape with television adds on the 2004 elections was included as well.

The Leandro L. Alejandro Foundation (LLAF) Archive
Leandro L. Alejandro (1960-1987) was a student leader and a coalition builder at the height of the anti-dictatorship movement in the Philipppines. He was one of the founders of the Anti Imperialist Youth Committee and the Youth for Nationalism and Democracy. As one of the convenors of the national coalition of left movements, Bayan, he took the position of critical engagement during the Snap Elections in 1986 that ousted the dictator Marcos and installed the popular government of Aquino. In 1987, he run for Congress under the newly established Partido ng Masa (Party of the Masses) which was a first attempt of the left movements to participate in electoral politics in the atmosphere of democratization. He was assassinated at the height of the campaign on September 1987 at the age of 27.
The LLAF is a memorial to Leandro, or Lean as comrades and friends fondly called him. Lean had always wanted to write his ideas of the left but never had the time to do so. The Foundation's Institute for Critical Studies is a venue for activists to reflect, analyze, and write on the left movements in the Philippines.
The archive of the LLAF was recently donated to the IISH. It includes the papers of Lean and his wife Liddy Nacpil's, who herself is a national left leader. The archive contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, and documents of their involvement in the 1980s, as well as general documentation on the Philippines in the 80s and 90s.

The 'Gruppe Schweiz-Philippinen'
The Gruppe Schweiz-Philippinen (GSP), a Swiss based solidarity group, recently stopped its work. Their organizational archive went to the 'Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv' in Zürich and it was through their mediation that we were able to acquire the magazine and documentation collection from the GSP on the Philippines.
The collection is an important supplement to our own collections. The materials are mainly from the 80s and early 90s and cover a wide range of social and political issues.
See: Social and Political Movements in the Philippines