The following postcards (€ 0.80, full colour, high quality) are made from photographs and posters from the collections of the IISH.
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nr. A 7088
Women, Adhere to the Cooperation, 1917

nr. A 7089
R. Martínez, Fidel, 1968

nr. A 7090
A. Rostgaard, Christ guerrillero, 1969

nr. A 7091
S. Senkin, Under Lenin's Banner ..., 1931

nr. A 7093
Literacy is the Path to Communism, 1920

nr. A 7825
No to Bureaucracy
Paris, May 1968

nr. A 7826
H. Visser, Poster against Unemployment, 1936

nr. A 7827
Homeless Children in the Spanish Civil War, Madrid 1936

nr. A 7828
Albert Hahn,
Vote Red, 1913

nr. A 7829
Demonstration for Disarmament in The Hague, 1926

nr. A 7830
Karl Marx, 1875
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nr. A 7831
The International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.

nr. A 7832
Walter Crane,
International Solidarity of Labour, 1897

nr. A 8610
A. van Dobbenburgh,
The Drinker, 1935

nr. A 8611
Paul Schuitema, 1930

nr. A 8612
Tear Down the Slums, 1931

nr. A 8613
Willem de Ridder, Vondelpark Love-in, 1968

nr. A 8614
M. Wiegman, Poster against Tuberculosis, 1930s