Henk Sneevliet - A Life in Documents

Sneevliet Commemoration Committee

Monument, Westerveld, 1946 After the mortal remains of victims of the MML Front, executed on 13 April 1942, were recovered, a cremation ceremony took place on 10 November 1945. A year later, the urns were interred in a monument "To those who fell" on the grounds of the cemetery and crematorium "Velsen" in Driehuis-Westerveld. Since 1954, each year on or around the 13th of April, the Dutch Sneevliet Commemoration Committee keeps the memory of the executed revolutionary socialists and their struggle for freedom and socialism alive at the monument in Driehuis-Westerveld. They commemorate the anniversary of Henk Sneevliet's death and honor him as the important leader of international revolutionary socialism and co-founder of the Indonesian and Chinese communist parties.

To honor Henk Sneevliet several cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam-Hoogvliet, and Zwolle, have named streets, a metro station, and a fly-over after Sneevliet.

Supporting list in favor of the care of the last resting-place of Henk Sneevliet and his comrades, 17 February 1946. (Dutch text)
Henk Sneevliet Papers, inv.no. 726 (pdf, 1Mb)

The monument for the executed members of the Marx-Lenin-Luxemburg-Front, Westerveld, November 1946.
Call number BG A48/715 (pdf, 322Kb)

Copy of De Tribune, organ of the Revolutionair Communistische Partij [Revolutionary Communist Party], Dutch section of the Fourth International, 29 March 1952; edition in commemoration of Henk Sneevliet. Front page. (Dutch text)
Henk Sneevliet Papers, inv.no. 735 (pdf, 1.2Mb)